Our Story

As women, we feel very deeply and this is our super power

Calma's creators are just a couple of independent, professional women in their mid-20s who are no exception to the rule of feeling deeply, experiencing anxiety, hormonal turbulence, and of course, desire a bit more stability on the wild ride of womanhood. However, we created Calma to take a stand against the status quo we've observed in our female friends and family members that turn to prescriptions to "solve" our innate way of being. We are motivated to foster a more natural way for all of us to treat our mental health, take care of ourselves on a daily basis, and ideally, not rely on pharmaceuticals as the end-all-be all solution, because the pure and raw version of us is perfect with consistent TLC, maintenance, and natural resources, like hemp-oil. We hope you love the Calma product line that we have tailored especially for women's unique challenges in the modern world. We strongly believe that our products taken while practicing our daily health recommendations will lead you to be "That Girl" who feels her feelings & has her life under control.

Our Holistic Health Philosophy

Simple 7 Daily To-Do's (no excuses):

  1. 💧 Take daily dose of Essential Mood CBD morning and/or evening as needed
  2. ☀️ Get Sunlight (30 minutes daily)
  3. 💦 Drink water (90-100 oz per day)
  4. 🥦 Eat yummy nutritious foods (~approximately half your body weight in protein)
  5. 💪 Exercise, Stretch, or Walk (30 minutes of cardio or strength training)  
  6. 📓 Optional but highly recommended: Journal, call a friend, or seek therapy to vent
  7. 💤 Get at least 7 hours of sleep

🔁 Rinse, wash, repeat

*Physically taking care of your body will have a shocking impact on your mind, body, and soul. #science

Calma; the name and it's origins

"Calma" in Spanish directly translates to "Calm Down" in English

Before you get #triggered, this is an intentional and ironical play on words for the age-old phrase that men have been demanding of women for years. We use the word to simply mean "calm." We visited Puerto Rico recently and felt inspired by the relaxed vibe of the island where the queen herself, Alicia Keys, filmed her music video for the song Calma.

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